Friday, April 24, 2009

Connecting wireless Broadband to PDA mobile phone(Mobile phone Broadband)

Now -a-days connecting browsing in mobile phone through broadband is very fastly growing due to many advantages of browsing broadband in mobile phone.....Iam writing this post to solve the problems occuring to many in connecing wireless broadband to PDA mobile phones.
If ur having a mobile phone and broadband DNA-A211-1 modem/wireless router. If ur mobile shows that net is connected but ur not able to browse the net, then make sure your modem is in pppoe connection mode and do the following:
go to start>settings>connections>network cards
edit following:My network card connects to THE INTERNET below that
edit :AsyncMac NDISWAN miniport>Use specific IP address
everything else leave blank tap ok
P.S.connect pda to active syncreply if it works


Amit Mazumder said...
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Amit Mazumder said...

I have a Type - II modem (wireless router) from BSNL and a Windows 7 (Mango) phone (Samsung Omnia W). The phone connects to the Modem but fails to browse. However, using a username and passwd to connect my laptop over wireless that has Win 7, it works fine (PPPoE). Please alert me if there exist a solution to connect my cellphone that runs WinMobile 7 (Mango) to browse the Internet.