Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Changing from pppoe to bridge connection to get rid of Disconnecting Problems

If your broad band is creating troubles to you by not connecting properly then you must change your connection mode from pppoe to bridge mode.To do this switch on your modem and open internet explorer and type and press enter.Then you will be asked for username and password.Enter admin for both username and password and enter.Then click on advanced setup which is on left side of the webpage, then you will get some options under it. Click on WAN option then you will see a table then see under protocol, you will find all are in bridge except the first one which is in pppoe. Then click on the edit icon which is beside pppoe protocol.Then click next and remember dont change any values, then you will be asked to select the type of network protocol. There you select bridging and click next and then go on clicking next until you find save.Then click save and then click save/reboot. Remember not to change any values.
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Pranjal Sharma said...

Hey Thanks, It Helped me Alot.!
My Problems Are Solved Now..:)